Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fraud Quizzers

Every one asks me why quizzing in Andhra is so bad. I am not qualified enough to speak about rest of the state, but, in Hyderabad it is because of the Veteran Quizzers (Euphemistic Term for “Fraudulent Quizzers”). These are the guys who come into quizzes with fake ID cards and Aliases. Some of these guys have made quiz alone their means of earning bread. Some of these guys include Raja Satish, Debojeeth Das Gupta, Rallapalli Raghuram, Anirudh Janak. My only intention is to show that such frauds can happen elsewhere in India, so it’s preferable that each of the quizzers be vigilant of their acts. I am an engineering graduate, a part time quizzer and have no personal grudges with any one here.

There is absolutely no reason why these people should ever be allowed to quiz, for they lack the ethical levels that a expected from the quizzers. They have track record of using false college names, Aliases to win quizzes. It comes to me as a shock that K-Circle which comprises of many good quizzers turns a blind eye on all these persons.

These Fraudulent Quizzers have walked away with many prizes and titles in the past 4 years, not only at Hydeabad, but have also fooled places like NIT Warangal(During Spring Spree), Symbiosis(During their fest). It is shame on the quizzing community if these Fraudulent Quizzes walk away with out being brought to books.

In the posts to come i will talk about how the Fraudulent Quizzers have messed up with the quizzing culture not only at Hyderabad, but also at various other events.

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